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7 reasons why Weekend Weddings make the best weddings:

In my previous post, I introduced the idea behind the phenomenon of ‘Weekend Weddings’ which seem to be growing in popularity by the day, and are something of a speciality (and personal passion of mine!) here at EMS. But in this post, let’s dive in to why this approach to weddings is so amazing for everyone involved….

1. Less stress.

Imagine a world where, on the wedding day itself, the bridal party and all the guests have had a full night’s restful sleep, and a delicious cooked breakfast with the day’s newspapers - the previous day’s travelling long forgotten. Depending on the venue, there could even be a little time for relaxing in the pool, a round of golf, or treatments in the spa. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to relinquish any last-minute anxieties about the venue, wedding arrangements or guests meeting each other for the first time.

2. More time.

We’ve all been at those weddings where you are lucky if you get even just one moment to speak to the happy couple. By spreading the joy of the ‘big day’ out over an entire weekend, couples get so much more time to spend with all their guests and even meet and make new friends (some of the newer ‘plus ones’!). Time to catch-up with old friends and cherished relatives. Time to do a fun activity together. Time to grab a coffee or a nightcap by the fire with dear friends and really soak up the moment before it all disappears. And the day after the wedding, time to share anecdotes and re-live the fun all over again before going home.

3. Quality time.

Many of the ideal weekend wedding venues provide wonderful experiences to share with your friends and family. From lawn-games and countryside walks, to whisky-tasting, BBQs, and clay-pigeon shooting, the list really is endless. The setting of our favourite venues really do allow for the best quality time you could possibly spend with your guests.

4. It just makes the Wedding Day…better!

There really is something to be said for the vibe of a wedding where the guests have all had time to relax and get to know each other. There are usually already a few in-jokes and new friendships forming before you’ve even said your vows. It can enhance the wonderful feeling you get during the ceremony, and it certainly makes the reception go with a ‘bang’! When everyone is in a good mood and inhibitions have disappeared, everyone brings their A-game and is ready to party!

5. Two bites of the cherry.

The old idiom, meaning you get more than one opportunity to do something is certainly true for weekend weddings. This one is especially for couples who get overwhelmed with options or have more ideas about their wedding than they know what to do with. Torn between a laid-back ‘festival’ wedding (with flower crowns, bunting and drinking beer from bottles), and a more traditional affair? A weekend wedding means you can have a bit of both! Why not have the mini-festival the night before the wedding, then go sleek and chic on the wedding day? Or a sophisticated cocktail evening the night before and something more country and boho on the day itself? The choice is yours…

6. Relationship-building.

We live in a world where we seem to spend less time in person with friends and family than ever before. It’s often a text, not even a phone-call. But the time with guests before, during and after the wedding really can make the difference in how your lives and your social circle develop as a couple. It gives the couple and all the guests a chance to form deeper connections with others, even providing a platform for more group adventures in the future, from dinner parties (with both sets of friends) and family holidays. And couples get to see new and exciting sides of each other, as they witness them interacting with new and different people. It’s a beautiful thing.

7. The memories.

Wonderful memories! (Or ‘maravillosos recuerdos’ as we would say in Spain.) Someone once said, ‘Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!’ and your wedding is your chance to make some truly vivid and heartwarming memories to cherish forever. But so many couples’ day pass by in such a flash! The more time you can give for this most special moment in your life, the more opportunity there is for making memories. What could possibly be better than making the most of life, then cherishing the memories of those special moments forever?

If you are considering a weekend wedding, please feel free to get in touch for an informal chat and no-obligation quote. I would love to help you make memories that you can cherish forever.

Con cariño (with love!) Emma X

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